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Stay tuned for more detailed information on our various departments. Each department is dedicated to providing specialized services and expertise. By clicking on the department links, you will be able to explore the diverse range of offerings and initiatives that cater to different needs and interests. We are committed to keeping you informed and updated, so please check back soon for the latest developments.
Collaboratively cultivating an inclusive community that empowers all our students to reach their full potential through the design of engaging, project-based learning, data-driven math lessons, and college readiness while nurturing proficiency in reading and writing, and fostering creativity, and critical thinking skills to prepare them for success in an ever-changing world. 

Empower students to reach new heights of learning through thoughtful assessments, authentic connections to real-life applications, and a deep understanding of mathematics. 
Our mission is to provide students engaging, quality instruction that is research based and promotes a love of learning and academic achievement. Additionally, our team’s purpose is to foster a learning community amongst teachers that is trusting, solution-oriented, and conscious of individual needs and strengths.
By June 2024, the ELA/FL/ENL department will improve teaching practices and student learning by engaging in HITT (High Impact Teacher Team) training that will clarify unit/lesson goals/skills, allow for the collection of and analysis of student data to inform instructional practices, while working collaboratively to build cohesiveness within the team.
The mission of the EPMS Science Department is to develop academically and socially confident students that can enter any STEM field or degree of their choosing upon graduation. We aim to do this by increasing access to real world science opportunities, fostering and promoting inquiry-based thinking, developing student autonomy over their academic learning, and supporting students in developing sophisticated critical thinking skills. 
The Social Studies Department at Esperanza Preparatory Magnet is dedicated to fostering critical thinking, global citizenship, and leadership skills in our students. Through a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses Global History, US History, Economics, Participation and Government, Financial Literacy, and Civics, we aim to inspire a passion for exploration and understanding of the world around us. 

Our vision is to empower students to become informed, engaged, and responsible members of society. By providing them with a deep understanding of historical events, economic principles, governmental systems, and financial literacy, we prepare our students for active participation in their communities and beyond. 

We believe in instilling a sense of leadership in our students, encouraging them to take initiative, collaborate effectively, and make positive contributions to society. Through experiential learning opportunities, project-based assessments, and real-world applications, students develop the skills and confidence needed to lead with integrity and purpose. 

Furthermore, our curriculum is designed to promote college and career readiness, equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in higher education and the workforce. By emphasizing critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills, we prepare students to excel in a rapidly evolving global landscape. In essence, the Social Studies Department at Esperanza Preparatory Magnet strives to cultivate a community of lifelong learners who are empowered to make a difference in the world, driven by a spirit of exploration, leadership, and a commitment to college and career readiness.
Class Structure:
The program serves students with autism in a classroom with general education students. The class is a small Integrated Co-Teaching (ICT) class, with one special education teacher and one general education teacher. As students get older, the class size increases. There is no classroom paraprofessional.

Curriculum and Instruction:
Classes follow the New York State Learning Standards and the same curriculum used in all DOE schools. ASD Nest teachers are trained in specialized teaching strategies for students with autism, including a special social curriculum called Social Development Intervention (SDI) developed by NYU. SDI is an evidence-based program that supports social-emotional development.

Social-Emotional Supports:
Related service providers use SDI to help students improve social functioning. This social language curriculum is taught in small groups.